“We searched every pottery place in Fez for these oil jars (from $135) because I fell in love with the Fez green. It’s such an unusual, specific color.”

“These chairs ($755) are made in Spain and have such a wonderfully strong and healthy leather. They’re not supposed to be precious; you could scratch them, they should be worn.”

 “These Congolese bracelets ($85) are more objects than bracelets because they’re too heavy to wear. We have one on the bureau in our bedroom. You could also buy several and put them in a bowl.”

 “We found the people in Bali who make these tribal necklaces ($325) and started working with them. Now they make these specifically for us. They’re for decoration, but I’ve seen someone wear one.”

 *This article appears in the August 8, 2016 issue of New York Magazine.